For the last 7 years we’ve been developing 3d physics based games for PC, the last 2 of them spent making Forked Up. We can attribute roughly 16 hours a week to game development, and still call it a hobby and hope. 3 games have been released for the shockwave web plugin, they’re playable for free (and no options to pay).

Our core team started out as 2 guys learning web design and 3d modelling together a long time ago. For the last 12 years Inch has been a professional 3d designer. He was also a Musician, Lab technician and is a trained Sound Engineer. Mike instead focused on intense physics courses in 5 years Engineering School and learning programming and theory in computer science courses at the local university.

We’re both pretty much perfect generalists concerning game design, but naturally Mike is doing nearly all the programming and physics. Inch is modelling, texturizing, animating and take’s care of our web interfaces. Everything else, like designing and optimizing the levels is a collaborative process.

Contact: contact@dunium.com