Forked Up relies heavily on rigid body physics. All inputs are filtered through standard physics elements that describe wheels, motors and connections simulating the rigid bodies. The core game is technically a pure simulation, everything is computed through natural laws. However, taking this as a solid basis we trimmed every element to be as gamey and rewarding as physics plausibly allow.

Forked Up currently consists of 13 main areas, 4 tutorial rooms and a big play area.
Experience the feeling when a ramp falls apart under your vehicle and you just so make it to the ledge, leaving behind a broken mess of a ramp. Feel the perfect equilibrium of forces. Every acceleration or steering action is relayed to the ground you’re driving on. And that ground is far from static. The further you proceed through the rift, the higher and more volatile the constructions get. Get to the next level by traversing the ramp.

You can’t make it? Perhaps you can fix the ramp to make it more stable. You’re a builder? Okay, build your own ramp exactly how you like. Everything is free to your manipulation.
Fast racing game with lovely characters. Get in the seat with Ellroy, Fiora, Creg or Vira and become the next Forkrace champion. Finish 3rd place or better to enter the next level.
Forklift Madness
Forklift driving Simulation with great puzzles and excelent physical simulation. Get in the seat and show your forklift driving skills. Enter Level 9 and save the oilplatform.
Mad Dog Race
Sleddog racing game with lovely dogs. Get on the sled and show your skills in the snow. Become NR.1 in the global highscore.
Welcome to FORKED UP Parkour 3D Forklift driving simulator. In this physics based forklift driving simulation game you have to build your way through 15 parkour levels.
Fix holes, bridges, solve puzzles and collect the medals. When you have collected the medals drive to the garage to see your earnings, best time, and overall score.
Be fast! But more important, be careful and precise. Your Forklift can take damage and if you ruin it you are out.